Season 1 is the first season of Intertropolis & Routeville. It will air on January 4, 2021 with "Move to Highway City".

Episodes Edit

According to Nickelodeon, Intertropolis & Routeville has been one of the most original cartoons in the country. There are no other cartoons or TV shows about highway roads and signs. Creator Jordan Cassatt and executive director Kimberly Blanding has done an awesome, hard work for the making of this cartoon. With SpongeBob SquarePants and The Loud HouseIntertropolis & Routeville might be one of the most popular viewed shows ever.

According to TV Guide, Intertropolis & Routeville has gained over two million views on Nickelodeon and six thousand views on Sintopia, a new kids and teens channel owned by Blanding Cassatt.

Intertropolis & Routeville has gained positive reviews and nicknames from newspaper companies like Washington Post, New York Times, and Los Angeles Times.

  • New York Times nicknamed it "Highway to Heaven".
  • Los Angeles Times nicknamed it "The Freeway to the Transcontinental Awesomeness".
  • Washington Post nicknamed it "The Legit Expressway Show".
Title Card Episode Name Production Code Premiere Date Overall
Move to Highway City (Part 1) 101A January 4, 2021 1
I-48 and US 86 are planning to leave the California city of Ooscondio and move to Highway City, a big metro city in the Utah/Nevada state line for Interstate and U.S. Route Shields.
US 86
Move to Highway City

(Part 2)

101B January 4, 2021 1
I-48 and US 86 are leaving Ooscondio, California and moving to Highway City in Intertropolis, Nevada and Routeville, Utah.
Houses & Condos 102A January 5, 2021 2
I-48 and US 86 travels to Highway City to find a place they can live. But I-48 wants to live in a condo while US 86 wants to live in an apartment.
The Main Highways 102B January 6, 2021 3
I-48 stays in Intertropolis to meet the Main Highways of the Interstates while US 86 goes to Routeville to meet the Main Highways of the U.S. Routes.
Restaurant Decency 103A January 7, 2021 4
I-48 and US 86 try to find a decent restaurant around the city to eat at. They found out that there are two restaurants: one in Intertropolis, one in Routeville.
A Highway With No Curves 103B January 8, 2021 5
I-48 heard that there is a highway nearby bordering and separating Intertropolis and Routeville called Town Separator.
The Highway City Fair 104A January 11, 2021 6
I-48, US 86, and their friends are going to the city fair while I-95 and I-75 head to Florida to watch the baseball game.
We Can Travel 104B January 12, 2021 7
All the major Interstate and U.S. Highway signs with US 86 and I-48 travel to all cities in the Western United States.
Interstate Jammed 105A January 13, 2021 8
I-48 and US 86 are stuck in traffic on Interstate 48 on their way to their couple date meeting.
Interstate Band 105B January 14, 2021 9
I-65 goes to the concert with I-48 and US 86 to meet her favorite band idol called the New England Interstates.
Sisters First, Brothers Last 106A January 15, 2021 10
I-21 and I-23 start a bet that if who can spend 48 hours without doing their favorite activities.
US 28
Routie Crush 106B January 19, 2021 11
US 47 develops a crush on a male U.S. Route shield at school but she immediately gets nervous when he walks towards her.
Interstation 107A January 20, 2021 12
I-48 and US 86 wants to ride the skyway that travels along Interstate 48 but soon, they found it really expensive.
Highway Thru Dateville 107B January 21, 2021 13
I-248 and US 389 go on a date at the most expensive fancy restaurant in Highway City.
Jokerstate 108A January 22, 2021 14
I-75 is having trouble coming up with jokes, so he needs I-50's creativity to help him laugh.
Beltway's Drive 108B January 25, 2021 15
I-48 and US 86 drives on Interstate 248, a beltway that surrounds Highway City.
US 389
Crashing Inn 109A January 26, 2021 16
US 389 and US 47 spends a day and night in I-248, I-21 and I-23's castle until their castle is cleaned up.
Interstate Workers 109B January 27, 2021 17
I-48 and US 86 become construction workers for community service to earn money to get their car out of the impound. But things get complicated when they get separated from each other, turning out worse and ruining their friendship.
Major Record Loyalty 110A January 28, 2021 18
I-48 and US 86 realize that they don't have to hang out with each other around town all the time. The Royal Highways are in a meeting with the most important person in the country.
Hi-95 110B January 29, 2021 19
I-95 needs help from I-48 and US 86 on logging in to her video chatting social network account.
Interstate Love 111A February 8, 2021 20
I-20 is creating gifts and love notes for every citizens of Highway City, including I-48 and US 86.
DC 295
Legal Guidance 111B February 9, 2021 21
The Royal Highways are giving law advice to their citizens in order to earn enough money to meet the President.
Meat Intolerance 112A February 10, 2021 22
All the Main Interstate Highways are going to the county farm in Arizona to pick up the cheapest meats for the 7-day donation sale. But I-90, who is a vegetarian, refused to go due to her state of staying clean and healthy.
US 2
The Shyest Road in America 112B February 11, 2021 23
US 100 takes US 2 to the children's hospital to get a checkup and find a way to get over her shyness.
The Total Expressway 113A February 12, 2021 24
When the Royal Highways heard that the Town Separator is being expended for construction, they become furious because it is run by the agencies of two state department of transportations.
US 20
Transcontinentally Overworked 113B March 22, 2021 25
Tired of doing 12 hours of 12 jobs five days a week, US 20 plans a vacation for herself with six other Main U.S. Highways in the Great Lakes Region.
Social Entertainment 114A March 23, 2021 26
I-75 and I-95 visits an entertainment center in Las Vegas to star in a TV show about a stand-up comedian and a social media star. Later, things turn chaos when they start taking advantage of their show, wrecking their relationship.
US 11
Weather For Casting 114B March 24, 2021 27
US 11 gets his first day on the job as a local weatherman. But when another weatherman gets jealous of US 11's popularity, he threatens to eliminate him.
Queen Interstate 115A March 25, 2021 28
I-48 meets I-248 and her daughter I-21 and her son I-23 to become a "vice queen" of Intertropolis.
US 86
King U.S. Route 115B March 26, 2021 29
US 86 meets US 389 and his daughter US 47 to become a "vice king" of Routeville.
This Isn't the Interstate 116A April 12, 2021 30
Half of the citizens thinks that the Town Separator is an Interstate Highway. The debate is being held by two random State Highway signs.
US 41
Money Mondays 116B April 13, 2021 31
US 41, the richest member of the Main U.S. Highways, is taking advantage of US 20's paid cash, forcing them both to work together every Monday of the month.
Window Shopping 117A April 14, 2021 32
When a neighbor's window is getting old and starts cracking, I-48 and US 86 kindly heads to House Depot to shop for windows.
CA 33
Those Dudes From Ooscondio 117B April 15, 2021 33
Two State Highway signs visits Highway City from Ooscondio to look for I-48 and US 86 so they can apologize for treating them poorly.
A Bad Case of H.O.V. 118A April 16, 2021 34
When Officer I-38 is making the HOV lane on Interstate 48 off limits, one of the highway signs marches into I-248 and US 389 to change the law from the Highway City Police Department.
Time Trouble 118B May 3, 2021 35
The Main Interstate Highways and the Main U.S. Highways are having trouble keeping up with time when they forgot that Daylight Saving Time has begun and US 20 is the only one who can solve the problem.