Routeville is a fictional city located in southwestern Utah and is the eastern side of Highway City. Mostly U.S. Route Shields lives there. Routeville is located east of the Town Separator, a curveless toll highway that separates Intertropolis, Nevada and Routeville, Utah as the state border. It is one of two only cities Intertropolis & Routeville mainly takes place. Routeville is where characters Interstate 48 and U.S. Route 86 lives near and visits. They live in Intertropolis. The Main U.S. Highways lives in Downtown Routeville at the Main Highway Lounge of RoutevilleOfficer U.S. Route 38 is the head chief officer of the Highway City Police Department of Routeville (the Routeville Police Department). U.S. Route 389 is the King of Routeville, with his only daughter U.S. Route 47 being the Princess of Routeville. Routevillers are the citizens of Routeville.

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