Interstate 89


Interstate 91


Interstate 93

The New England Interstates (shorten to NEI) are musical band members followed by leader Interstate 89 with Interstate 91 and Interstate 93. They are the most popular highway band of all time. I-89, the head of the band, plays with the guitar and his voice. I-91 plays with the piano. And I-93 plays with the drums and cymbals.

The New England Interstates are Interstate 48 and U.S. Route 86's favorite band, as well as Interstate 65's band and celebrity idol and she dreams to be just like one of them and join their band. But the terms of the name of the band, the highway Interstate 65 does not go to New England and it is not entirely within.

The New England Interstates first appeared on the episode "Interstate Band", when I-65 is taking I-48 and US 86 to the concert in downtown Intertropolis playing the New England Interstates and they accidentally left their backstage passes in the restrooms, not being able to get pass Officer Interstate 38 and the securities to meet the New England Interstates and get their autographs.