Interstate 48 
(I-48) is an Interstate Highway in the southwestern United States. The western terminus is in Ooscondio, California at Interstate 1 (I-1), California State Route 1 (CA 1), and U.S. Route 101 (US 101). The eastern terminus is in Santa Fe, New Mexico at Interstate 25 (I-25).

I-48 goes through the U.S. states of California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico.

The western portion of I-48 is parallel to its brother route U.S. Route 86 (US 86).

Route descriptionEdit

I-48 runs parallel to its brother route US 86 starting from I-1 in Ooscondio, California, CA 33 near Avenal, I-5 and CA 41 near Kettleman City, CA 43 near Corcoran, CA 99 in Tulare, through the southern Sierre Nevada Mountains, through Death Valley, entering into Nevada near Death Valley National Park, through the deserts, through the show's majorly-focused metropolis of Highway City, where it meets I-248, a beltway that surrounds the city, through Intertropolis, city of the Interstates, where it meets I-21, then enters into Utah at the Town Separator, a toll highway that borders Nevada and Utah, where it hits Routeville, city of the U.S. Routes, where it meets I-23, last it meets I-248 again, then leaving Highway City, then it meets I-15 near Cedar City, Utah just near Zion National Park, north of Bryce Canyon National Park, then it heads south through the monuments, meets US 89, and it enters into Arizona near Page, meets the famous Route 163, all of northeast Arizona, enters into New Mexico, near Shiprock, Farmington, Bloomfield, Los Alamos, and ends in Santa Fe at I-25. I-48 is a famous scenery with US 86. But US 86 ends in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


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Intertropolis & Routeville city metro map

Map of Highway City.

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In Intertropolis & Routeville, I-48 is locally named Blanding Cassatt Highway.

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