Interstate 248 (I-248) is a beltway loop auxiliary Interstate Highway of Interstate 48 (I-48) encircling around Highway City in the states of Nevada and Utah. It is locally known as Interstate Beltway in Intertropolis, Nevada and U.S. Route Beltway in Routeville, Utah. Altogether in the metro, I-248 is called the Highway City Beltway. It connects the three most important highways to Highway City: I-21, I-23 and I-48, as well as a borderline tollway called Town Separator. It also has interchanges with three U.S. highways to Highway City: US 47, US 86 and US 389. With all these highways in Highway City, I-248 is one of Intertropolis and Routeville's most important and heavily traveled major highways, with I-48 being the most congested in the metropolis of Highway City.

I-248 normally runs in the clockwise direction, starting and ending at the Town Separator in the south part of Highway City. This means that I-248 starts from the Town Separator in southeastern Intertropolis and ends at the Town Separator in southwestern Routeville.

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Intertropolis & Routeville city metro map

Map of Highway City.

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