Intertropolis & Routeville city metro map

Map of Highway City.

Highway City (shortened to Hwy City, also called the Intertropolis/Routeville Metropolitan Area (shortened to IRMA)) is a metropolitan area containing the two cities of Intertropolis, Nevada at the west and Routeville, Utah at the east. It is known for its industries of road and highway enthusiasm. This is the place where the television series Intertropolis & Routeville mostly takes place, where characters Interstate 48 and U.S. Route 86 and their friends and acquaintances lives, and the main set of the series.

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Highway City is located on the border between Nevada and Utah. The highway that borders two of the cities is the Town Separator, a curveless expressway. According to the maps, Highway City is located in the Mojave Desert, the driest desert in North America, which means Highway City is approximately 150 miles northeast of Las Vegas, 301 miles of Phoenix, Arizona, 119 miles northwest of St. George, Utah, and 420 miles southwest of Salt Lake City. In the series, Highway City is surrounded by a fictional desert called the Nanospore Desert.

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